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Louie Loans offers high-yield trust deed investments starting at 8.5%. These are passive, secured investments backed by Southern California real estate.

When you invest in a trust deed, you become the bank and Louie Loans acts as your personal broker. Trust deed investing is one of the safest investments and a great way to diversify your portfolio.

Louie Loans is one of the premier private money lenders in California having the ability to react quickly to loan requests and can underwrite and process a hard money loan in a matter of days unlike a traditional bank which often takes weeks to months.

Through its long-standing relationships with borrowers, Louie Loans coordinates the lending of money for the purchase of real estate. Louie Loans specializes in lending to experienced investors who make a business of finding properties to purchase at a discount, improving these properties, and selling for a profit. This level of experience is validated by the fact that the typical time frame from purchase to resale is approximately 6-8 months.  Most clients obtain hard money loans on a repeated basis due to the excellent execution Louie Loans provides along with the peace of mind knowing they will follow through on its commitment

Louie Loans underwrites each and every private money loan to a set of standards designed to ensure there is sufficient equity in the property to protect the loan.

Louie Loans is a California Department of Real Estate licensed Broker (DRE License 01953048)

Risk-Controlling Features

  1. Equity– Most loans have at least  60-70% of After Repair Value (or LTV depending on the property)
  2. Money Down– All of our professional real estate investors will have skin-in-the-game via personal funds and spread of equity in the transaction serving as their commitment that the trust deed payment is a priority
  3. Due Diligence – in addition to having the property appraised by our preferred appraiser we  visit each property just to get a feel for the area and any potential red flags
  4. Experience– We research the borrowers previous fix and flip projects to make sure they sold in a timely manner and that the project was completed in a workman like manner. New borrowers are required to make a larger down payment contribution unit they have a track record
  5. Non-Owner Occupied Properties Only– Louie Loans only arranges hard money loans on non-owner occupied, residential and commercial properties. Owner occupied consumer loans are regulated heavily and pose additional risks to the broker and lender.

Learn More About Trust Deed Investing

Sometimes this topic can seem overwhelming . Download the the pamphlet create by the bureau of real estate to help better explain trust deeds, the process, the players, and how you can get involved.

Download free Trust Deed Investment E-Book

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Louie Loans is a California Department of Real Estate licensed Broker -BRE License #01953048

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Louie Loans is a California Department of Real Estate licensed Broker -BRE License #01953048

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